Nano platinum

Platinum helps with:

  •  The ability to study,
  • Increased concentration,
  • Increased creativity
  • Clarity of thought,
  • Reducing stress and even allows for brighter dreams.

Platinum, like gold and silver, is part of the precious minerals and, together with the trace elements ( is a crucial part of the minerals that your body needs.

In 1945, platinum nanoparticles were tested and were found to kill cancer cells without causing damage to healthy cells. In contrast to platinum-based chemotherapy which is in general use since 1970 (such as cisplatin), Platinum Nano is pure platinum, and does not contain any of the toxic side effects of chemotherapy are known.

Nano Platinum balances and increases the coordination between the left and right hemispheres and is a possible solution to dyslexia. Because of the reputation of platinum to increase the service life, the University of Tokyo conducted a fully controlled experiment on worms and found that consumption of platinum nanoparticles the lifespan of worms with one-third higher.

Platinum increases the libido in both men and women.

Platinum Nano has a regenerative effect on the heart tissue, the thymus (which plays an important role in the immune system) and the entire endocrine system. It also has a regenerative effect on DNA, a characteristic quality of Nano precious metals. The  The brain waves of people using Nano Platinum are similar to those of people who have more than 20 years meditated




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